A vast interior space, adorned with features and fittings which give the space an ornate, grand feel – the San Carlo Cicchetti restaurant in Qatar allowed our team to employ a wealth of restaurant interior design concepts and skills to bridge the gap between the modern brand and the timeless space.

With its authentic Italian menu, the restaurant site in Qatar presents high ceilings and a huge open plan space which is adorned with different textures and aesthetic features to really showcase the brand and give every corner of the restaurant the “wow” factor. With the dining space separated across different levels, the capacity of this restaurant is high, however the feeling of intimacy which is presented across each table creates a relaxing and welcoming environment for all diners.

In order to showcase and infuse the restaurant brand into the space, we drew upon the core San Carlo brand colours across the furnishings and had ornate wall features added throughout the space which are engraved with the ‘C’ for Cicchetti. These details juxtaposed against the glass panel walls and simple wooden tables to create a space which feels both modern and authentically Italian – perfect for a market seeking immersive and experiential dining which celebrates the best of Italian food and the finest in modern luxury.

Some of the simplest but most engaging features of this restaurant interior design project came in the form of the light fittings we installed. These oversized sweeping ceiling lights were deliberately hung low to alleviate the sense of the space feeling too big and open, again tapping into the desire for intimate dining settings while celebrating the grandeur of the surroundings.

Trees were installed throughout the interior to add some decorative flair and to create the kind of memorable environment that would keep guests coming back, while the simple table designs and minimalist settings really gave the food and the menu as a whole a chance to shine.

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