Suite 79


An apartment interior design project in the heart of Manchester, working on Suite 79 presented our team with an opportunity to work different interior concepts into a smaller and more compact space – with the first challenge being to open out and breathe life into each room of the apartment.

With a focus on using natural light, soft colours, and modern details to bring this apartment into the 21st century, we used the concept of a skylight to draw the eye upwards and make the ceiling appear taller – installing up-lights into the arc of the ceiling to really brighten up the living space and make it feel bigger and brighter.

With the apartment consisting of an open plan living space, a bedroom and a bathroom, creating cohesive and harmonious movement between each space was an important part of the structural design. The bathroom is where we decided to use vibrant décor and colours to create a bold and immersive space – the blue and white patterning serving to add life to the whole space while the choice of floating sink and toilet installations minimises the use of floorspace and again makes the whole room feel bigger.

Starting from scratch, we used texture as well as colour to add comfort and detail to both the living space and the bedroom – with the up lighting in the ceiling carrying through into the bedroom. By replacing the bedroom door with an archway between living area and bedroom, and by integrating shelving and storage into the entire wall surrounding this arch, the empty voids in the apartment became functional and useful spaces – and the flow of movement around the apartment became more defined.

Every detail we integrated into this apartment interior design project was simple but intricately considered as part of the whole. With each feature impacting the flow and aesthetic of the entire apartment, we leaned as much on texture as on colour – creating a soft and welcoming space which is full of natural light but produces the cosy and immersive level of relaxation and intimacy when required.

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