Signor Sassi


Finally, a Great High-End Italian Restaurant in Kuwait” was the tagline used when this restaurant was opened in Kuwait – with the authentic food and luxury setting making for a luxurious experience for all diners.

When you first look at photos of this restaurant interior design project that our team worked on, you will see that sweeping lines and refined details make up much of the overall environment – which fuses together a multitude of different material finishes to create a restaurant space which feels both homely and opulent, suitable for everyday dining and those special occasions.

Signor Sassi is an Italian restaurant and is known for presenting a show-stopping experience to all diners, and so the brief required the kind of restaurant design services which could facilitate and support a high end service whilst also encouraging diners to enjoy both the Italian menu and the sweeping bar which runs down one side of the restaurant.

And it is this bar which became very much a focal point in bringing the project and the restaurant brand to life – with various ingredients including lemons and coloured bottles of different Italian oils helping to decorate the bar and infuse it with an authentic Italian charm.

In terms of lighting and the colour scheme throughout the restaurant, natural light is paired with warm yellow down-lights which are installed and set into the ceiling to add a really soft glow to the space. By placing a spotlight above each table, every group of diners can enjoy their own intimate space and dining experience, while ensuring that the restaurant floor, as a whole, is well lit for service. Finally, the colour palette throughout the restaurant is also very warm, with rich wood colours and yellows adding to the homely and welcoming environment.

This restaurant in Kuwait needed the kind of restaurant design services which could turn a simple brand into a luxury dining experience – which we achieved by combining rich colours and sweeping lines and intricate details throughout the restaurant floor and the entrance space.

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