Bar Interior Design

Going out for a drink has become much more than just selecting a table and ordering a cocktail or glass of wine from the menu. For most people, the quality of the environment in which they will enjoy their time spent in a bar is of paramount importance when deciding which venue to visit.

Therefore, bar interior design and the creation of an immersive space is an integral part of standing out in an increasingly saturated market.

When it comes to bringing to life cocktail bars, gastro pubs, classic bars, and innovative drinking spaces, Carroll Design delights with a combination of experience and inspiration – channeling our past projects into new ideas and creating spaces which harmonise aesthetic finishes with functional design.

Each bar design project starts with a comprehensive consultation during which we will discuss and identify the core selling points of your brand, personality, and the space you want to create. Becoming an extension of your business, we will then progress through a selection of services which enable us to offer an end-to-end solution encompassing the finer details and practicalities of the design of your bar – from mapping the customer journey through your bar to curating those memorable features and details.

With offices in Manchester in London, we have worked with both local businesses and large, multinational groups across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world.

Core Bar Interior Design Elements

Strategic Planning

When it comes to opening a bar, strategic planning is what turns your bar from a dream venture into a genuine and potentially lucrative business. We leave no stone unturned during the planning phase, considering how best to approach a business plan – before discussing how that bar might look and feel to its end customer.

Bar Concept Development

Now for the fun part – putting all of your ideas on paper and combining them with the Carroll Design team’s decades of experience and knowledge in the bar and dining industry. This is the phase where strategy first meets creativity, and where every idea deserves a space on the table (or metaphorical bar).


Whether pitching internally, to stakeholders or outside investors, our presentations service provides you with the support, resources, drawings, and information you need to present a cohesive and compelling pitch.

Detailed Drawings

Using Autocad, CGI, 3D software, and other technical tools and resources, this is where we bring your bar space to life on screen – letting you complete a virtual walk through of every aspect of your bar from arrival to the sip of that first drink.

Bespoke Furniture and Lighting Design

During this phase of the project, creativity knows no barriers – with our connections allowing us to partner with the best in the business when it comes to bespoke furniture, lighting, and other decorative features.


We believe that when it comes to ordering supplies and materials, the more accurate we can be the better – for you, for us, and for the suppliers. Saving unnecessary expense and time, the specifications phase of each project lets us ascertain exactly how much space we have and how much of each material is required.

Statutory Approvals

Let our team handle the paperwork, approvals, and building regulations so that you don’t have to – giving you a checklist of ticks and green-lights prior to opening night. After all, opening a bar business is stressful enough without worrying about paperwork!

Design Management

Once the drawings are done, we believe it’s our job to see the project through and make sure that what we created together is what you are left with at the end. That’s why we manage the full design process from concept to delivery, bringing in our team of UK bar design specialists to make sure that your business is perfect from day one.

Tender Drawing

Extending our knowledge of the industry and experience with a wide selecting of suppliers, this service sees us help you select the right builders, architects, and workers to get the job done and to bring your bar space to life.

Previous Projects

The following projects are all examples of work we have done with local and larger bar and gastro pub businesses, combining the ideas from owners with the skills and expertise of our team to produce memorable and immersive drinking and hospitality spaces.

If you have any questions about specific projects outlined below, or about any of the services listed above, please get in touch.

Fazenda (Edinburgh)


An industrial setting in the heart of Edinburgh, the brief with Fazenda was to create a diverse and versatile space where visitors could enjoy everything from a high end champagne cocktail to a pint of beer or a soft drink. Comfortable seating and mood lighting was selected to add a warmth and welcoming atmosphere to the space, finished with elegant details and juxtaposing textures.

Lucia (York)


The epitome of a versatile bar environment, Lucia blends dark colour with statement walls in one room – before moving into juxtaposing bright and feminine tones in the next open space. Capturing different moods in different spaces, Lucia appeals to a wider market with finesse and what feels like a personalised experience for every guest.

Panacea (Manchester)


Dark colours and elegant details come together to create this moody, underground bar environment – complete with backlit bar shelves and downlighting around the central bar area. Quiet booths add an air of privacy and exclusivity to this bar in Manchester, which is just as playful and elegant in design as it is simple but tasteful.

Opera Grill (Chester)


An industrial setting which pays homage to the building’s immense height and scale, Opera Grill mixes colour with natural materials and varying textures to create a space which feels effortlessly cool and stylish. The addition of art deco inspired down-lights creates an air of exclusivity in this bar, while the traditional red booths are reminiscent of bygone eras.


Having worked with and brought to life bar concepts across some of the most vibrant cities and social hubs in the world, Carroll Design has offices in Manchester and London, and has worked with major and small bar businesses on a global scale. Despite this, the service we offer is wholly personal, built on great working relationships, inspiring ideas, and forward-thinking business concepts.

To find out how Carroll Design could support you in your pursuit of creating a venue that will impress every customer who visits it. Whether starting from scratch, engaging in a redesign, or elevating an existing space, get in touch with us directly via the contact form below.

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