When it comes to designing and creating the perfect bar interior design plan, knowing the target audience and the kind of environment that the business wants to create is key – from developing a navigational plan and route through the space, to constructing features and decorative accessories which bridge the gap between a functional and stylish space.

When Panacea in Manchester contacted us, we knew we wanted to present them with design solutions and ideas which added life and light to the underground area, and which complimented the cocktails and canapes that the bar serves to guests transitioning from afternoon to evening and through the night.

Lighting was a major focus in this bar interior design project, as we had to find innovative and creative ways of integrating light without it becoming overwhelming for guests. When an interior space doesn’t have access to natural light, the next best thing is to add downlights and concealed lights – enhancing the space without hanging naked bulbs which can get in the way of creating a relaxing environment.

Another aspect of this particular project with Panacea focussed on the use of space, with our team transforming the open plan, long room into a series of sections dedicated to different activities and parts of the business. The centrepiece of the entire bar structure was the bar itself – a rectangular frame with mosaic tiling creating a pattern, and 360 degree seating to let visitors sit at the bar and enjoy a drink away from the dancefloor. The DJ booth made up another portion of the total area, while the opposite end had a backlit and highly decorative wall filling the space with a moody orange light and perfectly framing the alcohol lining its shelves.

In terms of navigation and functionality of the space, we integrated booth seating around the outside of the bar and otherwise left the floor free from clutter – playing into the diverse and versatile use of the space and allowing the business and guests to make the use of space as they choose. 

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