Cucina Rustica


Tasked with designing a restaurant that would stand out in the city of Birmingham, and which would bridge the desire for great food and an immersive, memorable setting, this restaurant interior design project saw our team of specialists using art deco inspired finishes and simple, elegant furnishings to produce an environment suitable for both intimate and family dining.

With the ceiling of the restaurant floor made almost entirely of skylights, lighting was not an issue for the restaurant in the daytime, however we had to find a way to create adequate lighting for evening dining without impacting or blocking the flow of natural daylight from the skylights. We did this by installing a series of oversized hanging ceiling bulbs beneath chrome-look domes, with the reflective material of each dome further enhancing its appearance and the movement of light throughout the space.

The bar became part of the décor within the restaurant, as we chose to maximise the artistic finish of the ceiling by installing very simple white table cloths and brown leather chairs. These chairs in particular work in harmony with the bar, creating somewhat of a 1920s vibe in the otherwise very modern and minimalist restaurant setting.

Of course, one of the most decorative and creative details exists in the form of the pillars, which replicate natural tree trunks, and which compliment the decorative natural back wall on the far side of the restaurant. Bringing greenery and natural splendour to the centre of Birmingham, these details are what soften the overall presentation and aesthetic of the restaurant – with our interior design team selecting the tall trunks to break up the different dining areas and create a kind of layout which optimises the flow of movement through the restaurant.

With an eye to functionality and practicality as well as design, this restaurant has been carefully considered in terms of movement for both guests and service staff – keeping the access doors to the kitchen free and leaving a buffer of space around the bar while allowing the bar to become part of the décor and experience.

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