Residential Interior Design

The process of residential interior design sees our team fit out individual rooms and entire properties with features, details, and decorations to reflect the client’s personality while still serving their core purpose. From selecting the right flooring type to establishing the placement of accessories and furnishings, bringing a home interior to life means uniting function with style and finding a balance between the use of colours, textures, and patterns.

Most of all, it means creating a multitude of spaces which turn a house into a home.
Residential interior design is a process which is often led by the heart and by personal preference, making it a different form of project from the commercial jobs that we also work on.

Far from fitting the design within the confines of brand guidelines for profitable gain and reputation, designing a home is a personal matter which sees us work closely with the homeowners to achieve the precise look and feel which they are seeking.

Each project starts with a comprehensive series of conversations, during which we invite our clients to introduce us to the space that they are looking to transform, talk us through their ideas, and highlight any important features. From there, we offer a range of core services which allow us to capture the intention and motivation behind the project, fusing our expertise and experience with your ideas, dreams, and house goals.

Core Residential Interior Design Elements

Strategic Planning

Our team can help you to make best use of each space and room in your home, by creating an interior plan built on harmonising design concepts and a natural flow of movement. From nurturing the functionality of the kitchen to creating calm in the bedroom, our strategic planning service helps to ensure your home is built with the aim of creating stylish, usable and enjoyable spaces.

Concept Development

This is where your Pinterest board meets our decades’ worth of experience and expertise. An immensely visual part of the process, concept development is when we set down a plan and an end design for each room in your home.


Once we’ve sat with your ideas for a period of time, working with our suppliers and contractors to propose the best ways of working, we will present the final designs and concept work to you and your family. After all, this is your home!

Detailed Drawings

Using Autocad, 3D software, and other technical tools and resources, this is where we bring your home to life on screen – creating CGI floor plans and prints which show you how each room is connected through style and the layout of furnishings.

Bespoke Furniture and Lighting Design

We work with the best in the business, working with you to create unique designs which can then be transformed into real-life lighting and furniture solutions, built to complement and fit your home. During this phase of the project, creativity knows no barriers, and our team is always open to your ideas and input.


This is the part of the project where it all feels real – with furniture being ordered and final measurements being taken to allow us to order the core materials required to bring all those designs and ideas to life. For the first time, you will be able to see how all the ideas and planning stages will come together.

Statutory Approvals

Our team handle all of the statutory approvals and building regulations so that you don’t have to – ensuring that your home or residential space is safe and finished in line with safety regulations.

Design Management

Managing the full design process from end-to-end, our team is committed to ensuring that your expectations are met by staying in touch with each stage of all renovation and redesign work – providing you with comprehensive and regular updates as we go.

Tender Drawing

The final step of the process sees us helping you with selecting the right builders, architects, and contractors to get the job done and to turn your house into your dream home.


Previous Projects

The following are all examples of interior work we have done with past clients, covering properties both in the UK and overseas and working with a multitude of unique ideas, innovative spaces, and both weird and wonderful requests from homeowners.

Read through the following past projects for inspiration, or you can get in touch with us directly to discuss your home and arrange an initial visit.

Eaton Place (London)


This project saw us design and fit out a modern property in central London, combining a neutral and minimalist colour palette with luxurious details to fill each space with timeless style. Thanks to the floods of natural light throughout the property, every room felt bright and open – allowing us to complete the space with clean white walls and then add little decorative details in the form of artistic accessories. One major takeaway from this project was our decision to hang all the artwork and interior wall accessories low down – making each room feel homely and welcoming without impacting the high ceilings and open space.

Residential Property (Spain)


The epitome of inside-outside living, this residential project in Spain saw us creating a space which offered the homeowners a harmonious flow of movement between the interior and exterior of their property – selecting both furniture and decorative accessories which suited this light and bright style of living. With lots of neutrals, natural materials, and curved edges, we added splashes of colour to match the client’s personality and infused their passion for eclectic art and animation into the decoration.

Private Residence (Liverpool)


With a vast open plan kitchen and living space, floor to ceiling windows, and a large expanse of garden space surrounding the property, this project in Liverpool brought with it plenty of freedom and opportunity for our team to explore ways of combining modern design with unique, contemporary finishes. One of the biggest parts of this project saw us fit hidden and concealed lights into the alcoves and under the storage fittings – creating an environment which could be adjusted to suit the mood and occasion, as per the brief of the client.

Kensington Green (London)


Proof that the right lighting and some clever design details can transform the appearance of a small interior space, this project in Kensington Green, London, saw our team working in a property complete with open plan living space and two separate bedrooms, alongside an ensuite. Using floating shelving, plenty of built-in storage, and a mix of dark and light fittings, the monochromatic foundations of this design project give the property a timeless aesthetic while the colourful details add personality without the colour feeling overpowering.


With offices in Manchester and London, our team are experts in all things interior and residential design and know exactly what it takes to transform a property into the home of your dreams.

To find out how Carroll Design could support you with your residential renovation and design projects, whether starting from scratch or infusing your personality into an existing space, get in touch with us directly via the contact form below.

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