Hotel Interior Design

Making sure that your hotel stands out has become as much about curating a cohesive and enjoyable interior design as it is about ensuring the location is ideally suited to local attractions and destinations. After all, now more than ever before, individuals, couples and families alike are seeking hotels that offer an experience in themselves – and which can be enjoyed as a standalone holiday with or without local things to do and see.

That’s where Carroll Design comes in – offering high quality interior design services that puts personality at the heart of your hotel design, and considers the importance of everything from the first impression of you reception, to how to upsell a premium room and offer a luxurious experience.

When you partner with us, you benefit from our unrivalled experience, a wealth of knowledge, and the inspiration that comes with the many varied and exciting projects we have worked on in the past. We believe in keeping interior spaces clean and stylish, ensuring that aesthetic value goes hand in hand with and compliments the functionality of a space and its access.

Core Hotel Interior Design Elements

Strategic Planning

Every project starts with a plan, and it’s during this earliest touchpoint that we get to know you and your hotel business – developing a business strategy that will be supported and brought to life by the interior design project. From sizing to theming, individual features and more, the strategic planning of your hotel is what allows us to ensure that every aspect of the business is translated and communicated through its design.

Hotel Concept Development

Now for the fun part – putting all of your ideas on paper and combining them with the Carroll Design team’s decades of experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry. In this phase of the project, every aspect of your hotel will be mapped out in terms of the overriding concept – creating links between spaces and finding ways to interlink the customer journey throughout the space.


During the presentation phase, we deliver a selection of drawing, plans, and blueprints which will eventually become the reference sheet for the build and design of your hotel. During this stage we leave no stone unturned and no room unexplored – and can also provide support and resources in pitching the concept ideas to other stakeholders and investors.


Detailed Drawings

Tapping into the power of Autocad, 3D software, CGI, and other technical tools and resources, this is where we bring your hotel to life on screen – outlining the customer journey from room to room and ensuring that every space presents a cohesive experience to the user.

Bespoke Furniture and Lighting Design

Having spent decades in the design industry, we only work with the best in the business, who can transform our concept drawing and designs into real-life lighting and furniture solutions, tailored to your hotel and its design theme. Building on your business personality and branding, each piece we create under the bespoke service is made just for you.


From assigning the right furniture to the right spaces, to ensuring that the correct quantities of wallpaper rolls, paint cans, and design features are ordered, specifications are what keep your project in budget and running on schedule. Plus, it’s the first chance you have to see your hotel business really come to life in person – making it a milestone in every design project.

Statutory Approvals

Our team handle all of the required building regulations and statutory approval processes so that you don’t have to – ensuring that your hotel has all the green ticks it needs prior to opening.

Design Management

Taking your hotel from paper to launch day, design management enables us to ensure that every detail is delivered as agreed. Working with our team of UK hotel design specialists, we promise an end-to-end service which culminates in a venue that you can be proud of.

Tender Drawing

From identifying the right builders to partnering with the most cost effective and efficient architects and creators, our experience with different suppliers makes us the ideal partner for drawing and selecting tenders.

Previous Projects

The following projects are all examples of work we have done with local and large hotel businesses, combining the ideas from owners and managers with the skills and expertise of our team to produce memorable and immersive environments for holiday guests, business guests, and more.

If you have any questions about specific projects outlined below, or about any of the services listed above, please get in touch.

Suite 79 (Manchester)


With an emphasis on pale neutral colours and plenty of natural light, Suite 79 saw us create an oasis of calm, modern living. From the natural textures and pale shades of the bedroom and living space, to the vibrant bathrooms complete with floor to ceiling tiles and colours, every element of the Suite 79 design project was focused on delivering self-contained luxury in each room.

Alderley Edge Hotel (Cheshire)


Finding the perfect balance between the luxury of staying in the hotel and the comfort of home can be difficult – but with the Alderley Edge Hotel we used a blend of textures, neutral colours, and soft features to add warmth to each communal space. Mood lighting was a big feature in this design project, with the light fittings differing between spaces depending on the setting and use of the room.

Mercure Brandon Hall (Warwickshire)


Part of the Mercure hotel chain, this project was all about creating a hotel environment which felt exclusive and one of a kind, while still belonging to a larger community of hotels. We achieved this by elevating the clean neutrals of each room with individual design features – leaning on textured wallpapers and pops of colour to give each space a personality and flair.


With global experience and a local presence in both Manchester and London, our team understand exactly what it takes to transform a building into an immersive experience – taking the hotel and hospitality industry by storm through the concept of design. No matter how big your ideas or how small your space, our skills lie in creating unique and memorable spaces.

To find out how Carroll Design Interiors could support you with your hotel or hospitality business, whether starting from scratch, engaging in a redesign, or elevating an existing space, get in touch with us directly via the contact form below.

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