Selfridges, Manchester

A project which saw our restaurant interior design specialists tasked with creating an immersive, luxurious dining space within the confines of Selfridgesdepartment store in Manchester, our work with Bottega is something we are proud of, and which showcases the simple elegance of clean line, angular fittings, and minimalist décor.

Set along a vast expanse of windows overlooking the street below, natural light was a major feature of the original space that we were given to work with and is something that we continued to highlight as part of the full design and fit-out through colour palettes and table layout in particular.

By lining a series of dining tables along this window, diners could enjoy the light and the view – while the centrally located bar with surround seating and plenty of decorative features became somewhat of a centrepiece in the room. In addition to the bar and its many spirits and wine bottles taking on part of the decorative components of the dining space, we also installed a specialist dry and cured meats cabinet with a glass door for display purposes, creating the idea of food being freshly prepared and taking on a very authentic vibe from prep to plate.

The cool white marble with grey patterning exudes some of the elegance that the Bottega brand wanted from the space and the restaurant, while the blue bar stools and dining seats allowed for a pop of colour to bring the whole restaurant to life. By adding both bar seating and more formal sit-down tables, we deliberately channelled focus into the restaurant as being made for everyone – from quick stop diners enjoying a shopping trip, to those treating themselves to more of a dining experience.

A great example of how we combined the desires of the brand with the vision of the surrounding Selfridges store, this project was an exercise in uniting modern surroundings with personalised and exclusive features – resulting in a warm and inviting space which is perfect for diners from all walks of life.

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