Restaurant Interior Design

With experiential dining becoming a big part of eating out culture, creating the perfect environment for your restaurant is key to its success – whether you’re an independent boutique eatery or part of a chain.

Carroll Design brings experience, a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and inspiration to every project – taking your ideas and concepts and turning them into something which not only entices customers to visit, but which makes the space functional and easy for your staff to work in.

Our restaurant interior designs are built on the personality behind your brand, with a focus on delivering versatile spaces which fuse aesthetic style with usability, and which transform a concept or idea into an immersive dining environment.

For every project we work on, we strive to become an extension of your team and collaborate with you in creating a space that will bring your restaurant business to life. Based in Manchester and London, we have worked with both local businesses and larger, multinational organisations across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Core Restaurant Interior Design Elements

Strategic Planning

Our team can help you create and fine tune a business strategy which will be brought to life through your restaurant space. From sizing to theming, concept development and more, this part of the project is all about making sure that what comes out of your business plan is funnelled directly into your restaurant space.

Restaurant Concept Development

Now for the fun part – putting all of your ideas on paper and combining them with the Carroll Design team’s decades of experience and knowledge, in both the restaurant interior design industry and the operational running of such businesses. In this phase of the project, every aspect of your restaurant will be planned out as a concept, exploring ideas and layouts as well as the finer details.


During the presentation phase, we will present to you the ideas and concept drawings which will eventually become the blueprints for your restaurant. We can also provide you with support in pitching and presenting the concept ideas to other stakeholders where required.

Detailed Drawings

Using Autocad, 3D software, and other technical tools and resources, this is where we bring your restaurant space to life on screen – creating CGI scenarios and prints which show you everything from the placement of the tables, bar and kitchen to the navigation route your customers will follow.

Bespoke Furniture and Lighting Design

We work with the best in the business, producing in-house designs which can be transformed into real-life lighting and furniture solutions, tailored to your restaurant. During this phase of the project, creativity knows no barriers, and our team are always open to your ideas and input.


A formal measure up will enable us to create the restaurant interior space, and everything inside it, to perfection. This is when everything is ordered, and when the plans on paper become a tangible and physical space that you can move around and experience for the first time.

Statutory Approvals

Our team handle all of the statutory approvals and building regulations so that you don’t have to – ensuring that all of the interior inspections and building checks are scheduled, completed, and ticked prior to the handover of your finished restaurant space.

Design Management

As part of our commitment to you, we manage the full design process, bringing in our team of UK restaurant design specialists to make sure that your business – no matter what the theme, size, cuisine, or memorable features – is effectively represented.

Tender Drawing

The final step of the process sees us helping you with selecting the right builders, architects, and contractors to get the job done and to bring your restaurant to life.


Previous Projects

The following projects are all examples of work we have done with local and larger restaurant businesses, combining the ideas from restaurant owners with the skills and expertise of our team to produce memorable and immersive dining spaces.

If you have any questions about specific projects outlined below, or about any of the services listed above, please get in touch.

Alto by San Carlo
(Selfridges, Oxford Street)


Embodying the beauty and simplicity of inside-outside dining, this exciting project saw us design and produce a space with an authentic Mediterranean feel. Overlooking the best of London’s central sights and attractions, Alto by San Carlo in Selfridges on Oxford Street was an opportunity for Carroll Design to develop a beautiful oasis right in the heart of the city.

Victor’s (Oxford)


A blend of modern neutral colours and industrial materials and surroundings, Victor’s saw us enter a large and open space and turn it into the kind of dining experience which feels both light and airy, but also intimate and personal. Indoor plants became a focal part of every element of this design project, juxtaposed with the exposed structures, metal and wood around the space.

Fazenda (Manchester)


Transforming a long open space into a restaurant with different areas to enjoy and dine in, Fazenda leans heavily on dark colour palettes and luxurious textures to create a high-end space where diners not only want to eat but want to spend time and relax with their friends. Every aspect of this design project was tailored to the client’s preferences and requirements.

Caffe Grande by Piccolino (Manchester)


With high ceilings and vast open spaces, this project saw us blend modern design choices with art deco-inspired furnishings and accessories to create a harmonious, luxurious, and interesting dining space. The open kitchen and food preparation counter added an immersive vibe to the dining experience and gave the whole restaurant a boutique, European feel.


With offices in Manchester and London, our team are experts in all things restaurant design, and know exactly what it takes to transform a bland dining room into an immersive experience that every one of your guests will remember and want to return to.

To find out how Carroll Design could support you with your restaurant business, whether starting from scratch, engaging in a redesign, or elevating an existing space, get in touch with us directly via the contact form below.

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