An example of how monochromatic colouring works in a restaurant setting, this project saw our restaurant design specialists tasked with creating a versatile space which bridged the gap between modern contemporary dining and authentically timeless experiences, and which could be used as a restaurant, bar, or private function space for guests.

A big part of the project, therefore, we dedicated to decoration and the features that we included to create a kind of art deco vibe within the different areas of the restaurant floor. Large and oversized prints adorn the dark walls, while the use of reflective material around the table tops and the bar surface tap into that 1920, art deco interior vibe and serve to make the space feel a little opulent and elegant. Similarly, the chandeliers are bold and unique as you move through the space, and the open kitchen creates the kind of drama which immerses diners in their surroundings and adds a sense of drama to the meal.

In terms of furniture, we decided to integrate yellow chairs into the restaurant space for a pop of colour and vibrance, juxtaposing the dark wood paneled walls and the reliance on a very rich, monochromatic colour scheme throughout most of the space.

Putting our restaurant design team to the test, this project is somewhat of an eclectic celebration of its unique environment and show-stopping features and decorations – with the portraits, prints, and details all contributing towards the dining experience. In a nod to the 1920s affinity for art deco styling and opulent materials, textures are as important as colours in this design – if not more so – demonstrating how our team can transform even the simplest colour palette into something that speaks to your brand and your vision, just like it did for the Cuban team.

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