Ocean Food Court


An example of how our restaurant interior designers work for and on behalf of international clients, this project in the heart of Bangkok came with a bit of a different brief – creating a food court and a hub of activity and different cuisines under one roof.

As is always the case with international interior design projects, not only did we have to really think about the logistics of supply and the build process itself, but we had to work to immerse ourselves in the local culture and consider things like navigation and accessibility through the eyes of locals and the target audience. As a food court, this particular project needed to offer plenty of space and an opportunity for different providers and producers to spotlight their own dishes, ingredients, and produce with ease. Not only that, but it needed to enable movement through the vast space with ease, using wide walkways and allowing plenty of space to browse.

The design we came up with was very simple and infinitely stylish, combining the timeless style of natural wood panelled walls and combining it with the neon blue signage to match the branding. We further buoyed this branding colour with the tool covers, which neatly juxtapose the dark wood ceilings and walls, and add pops of colour throughout the space.

Despite the different corners and areas of the food court lending themselves to different foods and different producers, the overall aesthetic is very consistent. Tying everything under the single brand of the food court itself, we wanted to let the food do the talking in this project and so installed a multitude of spotlights into the high ceiling to ensure a very warm and continuous flow of light throughout the space.

The food display units used the same materials as the overall space, combining the wood frame and structure with intricate baskets for a very homely and wholesome vibe. All in all, this project allowed us to think outside the box and create a central hub of local produce for the Bangkok market – uniting modern style and design flair with functional details and cultural focus points.

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