Piccolinos Knutsford restaurant is the epitome of the high end Cheshire lifestyle, combining its quaint outside roof terrace and high street location with a free-flowing restaurant interior design which leans heavily on natural materials to create a rustic and immersive Italian dining space – fixed with varying textures and plenty to look at and interact with. 

As a restaurant chain. Piccolino manages to combine the traditions of Italian dining with the style of a contemporary space – using tons of natural light and sweeping lines to create a modern backdrop for the exquisite and authentic food served. As soon as we entered the project space, we knew that the bare bones of a great dining room were already there thanks to the grand arches and floor to ceiling windows – while the relatively low ceilings perfectly contrasted with the glass ceiling roof terrace which creates a neat combination of outside and inside dining.

Using the standard Piccolino colour scheme and chair design in the main bar and restaurant area, the roof terrace switches things up a little with white canvas chairs for more of a holiday vibe, while the smaller space for more intimate meals benefits from seating booths which serve to create a little more separation between different tables and thus afford diners the privacy they want during their meal.

All in all, this restaurant interior design project is one which builds upwards thanks to its location on the high street of Knutsford, with the different levels of the building allowing us to explore different ways of fusing the brand vision and traditional Italian values into the spaces. The roof terrace is perfect for summer dining, though the restaurant adapts and adds tables outside on the high street in high summer for extra seating and to really celebrate that Italian café vibe.

We loved using natural materials in this design project, with the process allowing us to really spotlight and use the plethora of natural light to create a space which supports the high end dining experience but in a more informal and relaxed setting. Contemporary, modern expectations are paired with authentic experiences at Piccolino in Knutsford. 

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