Caffé Grande by Piccolino


When it comes to restaurant interior design, one of the biggest challenges that many brands and businesses face is maximising the use of the space they have available to them. With restaurants needing to be both stylish and functional in order to serve their core purpose and entice diners into eating, enjoying, and returning in the future, this kind of interior design needs to constantly consider the experience of diners old and new – and serve up little delights that make the brand or business stand out.

Piccolino Caffé Grande takes the concept of a neat café and gives it a modern facelift – combining the largely wooden and rustic materials with a soft duck egg blue statement colour for the fabrics and chair upholstery. Panelling has been used from the floor to halfway up the wall, with white paint coating the remainder of the wall to the ceiling, in an effort to make the room appear bigger and brighter – while the addition of a mirrored ceiling reflects and optimises the flow of both natural and artificial light.

The bar and deli counter are both statement features in the design of this restaurant, and mirrors have also been mounted on the walls behind each seating booth to make the space feel bigger.

The Piccolino Caffé Grande restaurant interior design continues into its alfresco, outside dining space – complete with lowkey wooden tables and chairs which bolster a rustic vibe. You will notice that elements of the buildings’ original use have been kept and maintained for aesthetic value and interest.

As a restaurant interior design project, the main challenge that we faced in this case was in expanding the look and feel of the restaurant to provide every diner with the intimate setting but comfortable amount of space they required. Pairing the modern colour palette with Italian influences and authentic detailing, a combination of light colours and visual tricks allowed us to make the whole space feel bigger and brighter – while still spotlighting the main features of the restaurant. 

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