Ocean Seafood Restaurant


When restaurant interior design projects take us around the world, we get the chance to explore the power of local influences paired with global design concepts and ideas – and the Ocean Seafood restaurant in Bangkok was no different.

Located underground with a large aquarium built into the wall on one side of the restaurant, the concept behind the design of this restaurant was to create an immersive under-the-sea experience – combined with the simple and classic décor of a luxurious restaurant so that diners could lose themselves in the theme and enjoy classically good, high quality food.

With a menu and restaurant theme that needed to appeal to both local diners and visitors and tourists, the owners of this restaurant wanted the project to embody the timeless style of a Thai restaurant but with ocean influences and features. The large window aquarium gave us a chance to add the ocean-inspired décor while also presenting a unique form of lighting from the tank itself which added to and bolstered the underwater atmosphere. Textures also play a major part in the design of this space, with straight edges and curves juxtaposing each other to present a modern but timeless finish.

Dark colours were very much a part of this restaurant design project, with the decorative roof tiles and dark walls all lit by large, hooded ceiling lamps which create spotlights across the space. The wine displays are prominent in the décor of the space, while the pillars create separate areas within the main body of the restaurant.

As a dining concept, the Ocean Seafood restaurant in Bangkok is somewhere where luxury meets experience, with every aspect of the interior design built around optimising both comfort and the way that guests become immersed in the theme and the menu. Despite a lack of natural light from windows, we added a number of lighting solutions to vary up the tone and aesthetic presentation of the space – using the aquarium, downlights and oversized ceiling lamps in harmony.

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