Bistrot Pierre

Stockton Heath

A chain of French restaurants which combine exquisite flavours and rich, hearty dishes with a relaxed dining atmosphere, Bistrot Pierre boasts a number of locations throughout the UK – focussing on not just the major cities but also on the smaller, more local communities.

The Stockton Heath branch benefits from its close proximity to the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, while still enjoying that small town feel in the heart of the parish. As such, the restaurant that we designed and brought to life for the Bistrot Pierre brand in Stockton Heath was stylish but functional and used both authentically rustic décor and opulent details to create somewhere immersive and welcoming.

As part of the restaurant interior design process, much thought was channelled into the layout and navigation of the space for both wait staff and diners, with the decision to install wall bench seating as well as smaller individual tables giving the Bistrot Pierre branch a more relaxed vibe. The exposed brick across the interior walls contrasted nicely against the rich, authentic natural wood beams to create the illusion of a local French café or bistro in the heart of the French countryside, while small decorative details helped to really spotlight and showcase the brand and its history.

As is always the case with restaurant interior design, lighting played a major part in creating the environment and the atmosphere, with our decision to install individual spotlights over the outside tables and broader ceiling lights in the main body of the restaurant lending itself to the intimacy of each setting.

Finally, to the furnishings and the small details which transformed this restaurant into a branch of the Bistrot Pierre brand and legacy. Again, natural materials were a core part of the furnishing design, and old black and white photos from France were hung to help immerse diners in the setting and the overall vibe of the restaurant.

Despite not offering a large footprint in terms of inside or dining space, this restaurant design project took on a life of its own and demonstrates the beauty of combining different natural materials and decorative features within a single space.

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