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Every brand and business in the hospitality sector needs to tell a story to its guests and visitors – and with a name like ‘The Restaurant’, this chain of bar and grill sites is one of the most traditional and classic brands out there on the market.

With such a simple name, we knew that this restaurant and bar interior design project would allow us to get creative with the space and the way we presented it – encompassing the client’s request that the local produce and elegant nature of the menu be reflected in the interior and exterior design of the dining environment. Uniting the classic menu with a classy and elegant experience for diners, we therefore decided to use juxtaposing features and textures in the form of angular edges, lots of glass and bright colours, paired with leather seats and dark wood table for that classic and traditional vibe.

The architecture of the restaurant building meant that there was very little we had to do to add structural features and aesthetic design. Hand carved arches and columns lined the walls, and the large windows allowed plenty of light into and around the space. To really maximise the value of this, we created a bar at one end of the restaurant floor and set mirrors onto the wall behind it to reflect more of the light and really brighten up the entire space – juxtaposing the dark wood floor and matching tables.

A standout feature in the design of this restaurant space was the wine rack, crafted entirely from glass with a metal frame – so that every bottle was on show and formed part of the aesthetic finish. The tables and chairs all match and are lined up in a formal way to once again represent and embody the classic dining experience, and the addition of an outside terrace for summer dining shows a commitment to giving the customer the experience that they want while also celebrating the restaurant’s location in central and vibrant Leeds. 

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