The Fazenda chain of restaurants is built on the vibrant flavour infusions of South American cuisine – exploring colourful traditions and new ways of dining across each of its restaurants. As is always the case when working with a chain restaurant branch, this project saw us embody the concepts of the brand as a whole while also carving out a unique identity for the restaurant in question – in this case the Fazenda restaurant in Edinburgh.

Before getting stuck into the restaurant interior design work required by this project, we wanted to make sure that we optimised the use of the space and really maximised the businesses potential in its location – so we researched the exact local area of Edinburgh and found it to be very central to the cultural capital of the city. An upmarket area of Edinburgh, we knew that we wanted to work that into the design of the space and create somewhere immersive where guests would be just as likely to enjoy a quick meal with friends as a proper celebration.

The space that we had to work with was large and very open plan, so we set about installing a number of section areas which broke the space down into smaller segments and which allowed us to create intimate dining locations as well as quick service tables. With metal frames and wooden details, we erected semi-walls which separated the space physically but without completely blocking out the view to the other side – meaning the space still felt vibrant and exciting, and that light could flow naturally throughout the whole space.

In terms of flooring, we used a highly patterned tile to make the 360 degree bar stand out, with a selection of different lights across this space making it feel mysterious and luxurious. Around the main restaurant, we drew on the use of industrial materials and designs to really maximise the use of space, with eclectic light fittings and textured walls all playing into the creative nature of the restaurant.

Interior design allowed us to bring this restaurant to life as a standalone dining experience, while still being part of an exciting, modern chain.

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