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Standing out in central London means finding a niche position in the market and playing to it completely – from theming to customer service, the menu, delivery, and more.

Bonsai in Piccadilly, London, is a restaurant and bar which is all about convenient dining and quick service – making use of its long and straight interior space by installing partition walls and building upwards into a two-storey restaurant for different dining experiences. While downstairs is minimal and delivers food and its aesthetic style with great efficiency, the upstairs area is more about immersive dining with a clear view to the kitchen, its own interpretation of a Chef’s table, and a selection of levels which separate diners with ease and enable that slightly more intimate setting for each table or group.

When we were brought in to bring to life the design of this restaurant, we knew that we were being called upon as restaurant design specialists to create a good use of the available space. With two storeys to work on, and both floors relatively small in terms of their footprint and available space, we decided to stick with a very light and neutral colour and design scheme and integrate aesthetic presentation and drama through the menu and the way it could be served by the restaurant team.

A big part of this lies in the Chef’s table, with its direct view to the kitchen which automatically turns the kitchen itself into part and parcel of the dining experience. The steps up to a higher level within the same floor of the restaurant add to the clever use of space and separating diners to allow for more privacy, while the wall mounted mirrors along the backs of the bench seats allow for a good use of wall space which optimises the flow of natural light and gives those facing the wall a reflective view of the restaurant and its ever-moving elements and components.

A great example of how we turn minimal floor space into an experiential dining opportunity, this project was all about infusing the interior design with the art of running a restaurant.

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