Fumo by San Carlo


Modern design meets simple luxury at the Fumo by San Carlo restaurant in Manchester, where our restaurant interior design specialists have curated a seamless journey between the main bar, the restaurant, and the outdoor seating area. Giving each section of the restaurant its own unique identity, our team used sweeping shapes and complimenting materials to create a journey through each section of the restaurant – tapping into the simple elegance of neutral colours and marble, brought to life with a feature bar and window into the kitchen area.

Fumo is a restaurant where Italian flavours meet modern elegance – with the vibe of the dining space reflecting the aesthetic grandeur of each plate. Every one of Fumo’s restaurants across the UK has its own take on the brand’s common design features, including the erratic line wall feature and the voluminous ceiling lights. What makes the Manchester site particularly stunning is the way that natural light plays a core part in the daytime vibe of the place, with the blinds able to be shut to create the kind of immersive and intimate setting that romantic diners want in the evening.

One of the highlight features of this restaurant interior design project was the integration of the long statement bar, made from the same marble that can be seen surrounding the reception welcome desk and forming the staircase up to the first floor. By tying these three key elements of the restaurant space together with a common material, our team created cohesion between each space without it becoming too obvious.

The window into the kitchen, built against the feature wall, which is backlit for maximum impact, adds an immersive layer to the presentation of this restaurant, and gives every diner insight into the process in full. Fumo may present a simple and modern exterior from street level, but once you step inside this restaurant every element of the design comes together to create a modern and experiential site – bolstered by great food. 

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