Winter Garden

The epitome of inside-outside living (or in this case drinking and dining), the Winter Garden is one of our most memorable projects to date – drawing on the decorative impact of greenery and plant life and using it to present the ultimate garden setting for dinner and drinks whatever the weather.

The setting for this particular project was a rectangular outside terrace, with the client requesting a reinvention of the terrace to bring it in line with the vibe of the restaurant business and to allow the venue to benefit from additional seating designed to offer guests the ultimate space in which to relax. Using a simple stone flagged floor and frosted glass for optimum privacy from surrounding buildings, the foundations of the terrace were simple – allowing us to work subtle but stylish accessories into the space from all angles.

After discussion with the client, we decided that instead of integrating the venues existing branding into the outside space, we would transform the terrace into a garden setting which was largely designed with greenery and plants, combined with oversized rattan lamp shades and comfortable bamboo framed seats for a rustic and inviting finish. This use of very natural décor makes the space a versatile option that can be dressed up or down for events and according to seasonal preferences – with the integration of plants from both the ceiling and the ground making it a fully immersive space.

Once the ceiling was complete, we decided to bring in rounded chairs with bamboo frames and thick cushioned seats, transforming the winter garden into the kind of setting in which guests could enjoy pre-dinner drinks and coffees after their meal.

An additional hedge further optimises the privacy of those sat on the terrace space, while the modern chequered frame which lines the glass wall of the restaurant and terrace and hanging bulbs from the ceiling all contribute to the presentation of the winter garden as a timeless but innovative and fully immersive environment.

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