“Bright and bubbly, but with the kind of aesthetic that draws in guests from all walks of life and makes them want to stay forever.”

This is the kind of vibe that we were going for in Lucia’s York branch – with soft pinks and warm materials on one level juxtaposing and contradicting the darker and more atmospheric space above. This restaurant, lounge, and wine bar is known for producing aesthetically perfect cocktails and for creating a “boujee” setting which is both comforting and Instagram-friendly all at the same time.

When we were called in as the interior designers for this project, we instantly felt that there was an opportunity to turn the two levels of the venue into separate spaces – one dedicated to the daytime crowd with a feminine feel and lots of soft touch materials and details, while the other centred more on the night time vibe with darker colours and more exotic surroundings.

In a refined reflection of the Italian branding, we decided on very natural design influences throughout. However, the closer you look at each interior detail the more the differences become apparent – for example, downstairs we chose a pale wood floor with plenty of natural grain and a geometric pattern on show, while upstairs the flooring is more formal with straight edged planks lined up perfectly. The furnishings stay the same both upstairs and downstairs, however the ground floor relies more heavily on natural light from the vast windows while the first floor offers a more intimate and elegant environment with the addition of large lampshades and hanging chandeliers.

All in all, this project with Lucia in York empowered our team to exercise great style and design flair in the creation of two different spaces – needing them to work in harmony with each other while also offering different environments for different diners and users. Open all day every day, this is a business that needs to feel warm and welcoming all day and night – with our colour palettes and textures adding to its cosy, romantic, and elegant finish.

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