Mercure Brandon Hall


The moment we began work on this hotel interior design project with Mercure Brandon Hall, we were tasked with the challenge of adding a unique personality and memorable experience to the hotel while still reflecting the umbrella chain which owns this and other similar hotels.

To capture the essence of the Mercure brand within the confines of Brandon Hall, we created an opulent and elegant guideline for each room – featuring plenty of influences from nature and organic décor, while infusing each individual hotel room with its own details and features.

As is always the case with a hotel interior design project, ensuring functionality, accessibility, and simple style was at the very core of every aspect of the journey – with our team constantly considering how the rooms could be used by individuals and guests from all walks of life, including accessibility, the amount of space, the natural movement around the room, and how the space used natural light as well as manmade and artificial light.

What we created in the Mercure Brandon Hall hotel was a selection of rooms united by a common design theme, but with little colour and decorative details which transformed the vibe and gave each a unique environment and personality. From the imagery used on the walls to the placement of the bed and other furnishings, through to the colours integrated in the décor and walls, every aspect of each room was designed to optimise how the room could be used by guests – embracing the finite balance of luxury and practicality.

When it comes to hotel interior design, this project captures the importance of simple colours, neutral tones, and the softening of angular edges and functional accessories through décor and design. Every detail in the room is there because it offers a functional use to the guest, however the way these features interact with each other makes them part and parcel of the design as well as the usability of the space.

Our team did an excellent job of infusing individual style into a chain of hotels, celebrating the essence of rural Warwickshire within the walls of the Mercure hotel. 

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