Brass Saint Pierre

An exercise in creating unique and intimate dining spaces within the confines of an open plan restaurant, this particular project had our restaurant interior design team working with a multitude of materials to instil structural details and features which were perfect for optimising and maximising the use of the space available.

With ornate wall and ceiling décor, which lent a very grand and authentic vibe to the entire restaurant floor, our team decided to keep the colour palette of this restaurant very traditional and use dark colours and natural dark wood to highlight the differentiation between different areas of the restaurant.

Looking at the finished design, you can see that the private dining space is located in the centre of the restaurant rather than away from the main dining area. This affords the diners to benefit from and be exposed to the atmosphere being created within the whole restaurant setting, using the rounded cube-style walls to separate the space and filling each hole with one or two bottles of spirit to create a talking point and to maximise the design flair of this statement structure.

Extending from floor to ceiling, the dark wood structure frames the table, with the decision to make this central dining area a rounded space, helping to soften the aesthetic of the restaurant as a whole. The final detail which we added to this space was the grand overhead light, which hangs above the dining table and boasts the same rounded shape.

The rest of the dining tables and chairs are finished in a rich black which adds drama to the surroundings, and which contradict the white walls – in much the same way as the angular and modern shape of the dining chairs juxtapose the ornate detailing across the walls. To help fuse these two different aesthetic approaches, we integrated decorative lamps across the dining space and backlit the textured wall for maximum impact.

Timeless style with a hint of drama and a touch of innovation.

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