Sustainable Bar Design: Environmentally Friendly Practices and Materials

Those who already run or manage a business will know how important it is to understand what your customers care about. Businesses that can demonstrate an affinity for and commitment to the causes that their target audience cares about will benefit from more engagement and a boost in sales.

One of the causes that is becoming increasingly prominent in the consumer and hospitality sphere in particular is sustainability – with customers choosing to engage with businesses that embrace environmentally friendly practices, reduce wastage, and do their bit for the natural world.

As an interior design company, we know the importance of being able to source sustainable materials and implement environmentally friendly practices.

Below are some popular suggestions for implementing environmentally friendly goals into the design of your bar – covering both business practices and the way you use different materials.

1. Enhance sources of natural light

The way you light a bar space can make or break the atmosphere and can play a major role in underpinning the mood that you want to create. Enhancing sources of natural light is a quick way of making your bar feel lighter and brighter, while minimising the need for electrical sources – at least during daylight hours.

If your bar is underground or you tend to welcome most guests during the evening hours when daylight is at a minimum, make sure that your lights are fitted with energy efficient bulbs to minimise your energy bills and your output.

2. Use natural materials

Wooden bar stools

Arguably the best way to make a bar or hospitality venue feel environmentally friendly is to use natural materials in the design and build of the space.

Wood is a good example of a natural material that can be adapted to fit your aesthetic, whether that means varnishing, sanding, or leaving the wood rustic and as it is.

3. Breathe new life into recycle furnishings and elements

Recycling and reusing is a concept which spans a multitude of industries, giving businesses a way of making their operations more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In a bar setting, you can embrace this by using recycled furnishings to bring your bar to life. Some of the ways that you could do this include refurbishing old furnishings to suit your theme and interior design scheme or else up-cycling them and integrating a series of different finishes and designs to create an eclectic and quirky finish.

4. Consider green walls

Indoor plants are a no brainer in bars and hospitality venues where you want to create a natural and environmentally friendly atmosphere. But green walls take this one step further, enabling you to segment the space and create the illusion of a cosier and more contained feel, while also embracing the design impact of greenery.

There are countless other benefits that come from a biophilic approach to bar design,  including cleaning up the air in the venue, and making guests and visitors feel more relaxed.

5. Support local businesses in your bar

This one is less about the design and aesthetic of your bar, and more about your operational practices and the way that you run your business.

Supporting local businesses is a great way to solidify a positive connection with your local area and community, while also embracing another key environmental practice – minimising extensive travel of supplies for your business. The way you work with local businesses will vary based on your bar’s theme and overall business plan, however you can start by sourcing food and drinks from local produces and suppliers and engage with local entertainers where possible.

You can even have local artists and creators help you to decorate the setting, connecting a sustainable operation with environmentally friendly design ideas and concepts.

Can a bar business ever be truly sustainable?

If sustainability is something that you want to focus on in the coming year, then there are plenty of small and large changes that you can make to “green up” your bar business.

From transforming your setting with indoor plants and greenery, to changing the way you use different materials in your bar, let the Carroll Design team infuse sustainable energy into your bar for the benefit of your business – and to the delight of all your customers.

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