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If you’ve ever eaten in a Chinese restaurant before, you will know that the décor can be somewhat eclectic in its presentational mix – with lucky cats adorning the walls and tons of different colour palettes thrown together in a wonderful blend of calm and vibrant design flair.

In the case of the Yu restaurant space in Alderley Edge, our aim from day one was to integrate and celebrate all of the quirks of Chinese cuisine and its culture, but in a modern way which retained the simplicity of the venue and the surrounding space.

With a lack of natural light on the restaurant floor, the first and most important thing that our team of restaurant interior design experts set about doing was creating the blueprint for a layout that allowed for accessible movement and a free flow of light. We chose a rich blue coloured light to reflect the regal branding, with delicate drop lights and concealed strip lights helping to create an intimate yet functional and welcoming dining space.

As has become somewhat of a popular trend in the restaurant design world, a combination of different materials helped to give the open floor plan structure – including a large bar which was part and parcel of the decorative plan, and the ornate panel walls with patterns cut into them for added flair and to separate the tables into different dining spaces.

Finally, to the food and the way that the space could be accessed by customers and team members alike. Yu prides itself on presenting the food in a high end and luxurious way, balancing colours and details. As such, it wasn’t just lighting we had to consider in building the space, but also the presence of a cohesive atmosphere and environment, and the navigational path through the restaurant floor to make plate delivery as seamless as the plates themselves look on the table.

An example of how to infuse eclectic design into a modern restaurant, this project was both unique and exciting for our team. 

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