The Use of Mirrors in Expanding and Enhancing Restaurant Spaces

Does your restaurant have a blank space on the wall that you’re not sure how to fill?

While artwork is an easy go-to for large unused spaces, the risk is that too much colour or detail can make the space feel more confined – creating a closer aesthetic which does little to brighten the surroundings.

Another option available to restaurant designers involves mirrored décor.

To put it simply, adding a mirror to an interior space instantly makes the room or surrounding space feel larger. This illusion is helped by both the reflection which makes the room itself feel bigger, and the reflection of light which further illuminates the space.

Here’s how to use mirrors effectively in restaurant spaces.

The best places for mirrored décor in a restaurant

Mirrors aren’t just great for personal reflections; they are also a great way to illuminate interior spaces and add light to even the darkest corners of your restaurant setting.

What’s more, they are an effortless form of décor for those areas that need an injection of life – for example the entranceway to a restaurant and the corridors that lead to bathrooms and private dining spaces. Adding a mirror to a hallway or corridor in particular is a great way to make it feel bigger, while adding the very practical benefit of letting guests check their appearance en route back to their table!

In terms of placement, it’s typical to place mirrors in hallways and corridors, behind the bar to make it feel bigger and brighter, and also on large walls which are unfurnished with artwork.

How do mirrors enhance a restaurant environment?

Mirror being used in a restaurant

With all that in mind, by now you might be picturing all the different blank spaces in your restaurant that could benefit from the addition of a mirror.

But in order to get it right, and to ensure that you install your mirrors in a way that enhances the setting rather than distracting diners from your interior décor, you need to understand the role that mirrors play in finessing a commercial space.

We’ve already touched on how the reflective surface of mirrors makes them ideal for opening spaces out and making them feel larger. But did you know that the way a mirror is angled can seamlessly illuminate dark corners and make your artwork pop by reflecting it in different directions?

What’s more, if your restaurant boasts a handful of standard features that you really want to celebrate and showcase, then positioning mirrors throughout your restaurant can ensure that these features are more clearly visible from different angles and locations.

Finally, mirrors can make a restaurant feel incredibly immersive when positioned around the ceiling as well as in small segments on the walls. Some of the most exciting venues in the world boast surrounding mirrors which reflect in all different directions, putting guests right at the heart of the action. If you want to create a restaurant which is a little different, consider the role of mirrors as an immersive and seemingly effortless backdrop for your experience.

Knowing which mirror to add to your restaurant

So, should you be looking for framed mirrors to hang on the walls of your restaurant, mirrored surfaces and furnishings, vast wall-covering mirrors, or something completely different?

This largely depends on your restaurant, the size of the space, and what you hope to achieve.

If you have a small footprint and want to maximise the feeling of space and light in your restaurant, then large wall-covering mirrors can be an effective addition. If you want to make a corridor feel more immersive and add the functional benefit of a reflective surface for guests to check their appearance, then framed mirrors are a good addition, while mirrored ceilings, surfaces, and furnishings are all very futuristic and help to create a modern vibe.

And remember, your mirrors don’t have to be clear cut and perfect! Frosted and marked mirrors can be a great way to infuse light while supporting a vintage aesthetic vibe – or you can choose shaped mirrors to further support your theme.

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