Incorporating Biophilic Design in Hotel Spaces

The hospitality industry is more than just selling a night in a hotel or a meal in a restaurant. It is about creating and delivering a guest experience, which meets if not surpasses expectations and which connects everything from the menu or end product to the setting, the décor, and the overall atmosphere.

One major element of this is what’s called biophilic design – a concept whereby the design of a hospitality venture or setting aims to connect guests and occupants with nature and the natural environment. Whether it be with integrated greenery and plant life, a cohesive inside-outside dining space, or the use of natural materials both directly and indirectly across the design scheme, biophilic design has become a popular form of modern design.

The hallmarks of biophilic design

To create a hotel which is heavy on biophilic design, you need to look at the different spaces within your premises and consider how the guest experience can be channelled into an appreciation for nature and the great outdoors. Not only does this enhance the guest experience from a relaxation angle, but it shrouds your hotel in a connection with health and wellness – important touchpoints that more and more guests are coming to value and seek out in the experiences that they book.

As you will come to realise when we move into tips on bringing biophilic design to a hotel, this concept combines a reliance on nature itself and visual access to the natural world with the integrated use of materials and structures which bridge your inside and outside space.

Biophilic design in a hotel

Biophilic hotel designs

  • Natural materials – wood, living walls, oversized plants

This is perhaps one of the simplest and easiest ways to get started with biophilic design – largely because natural materials are commonly used in the presentation of a modern design scheme, and so are already readily available and easy to use.

Consider combining finished and raw natural materials throughout your hotel, experimenting with different textures in your communal spaces and hotel rooms. Living walls double up as standout design features, while oversized plants are an easy addition to any space.

  • Install hanging plants

If you really want to immerse your guests in a biophilic design-centric space, then it’s important to focus on all angles of your setting – be it lobby, hotel room, or corridors. Hanging installations are an excellent way of bringing the design concept to life and making it a part of the fabric of the room or building.

In addition, hanging plants and ceiling installations can make excellent design features which make a space feel more colourful – installing decorative features at different levels and across a variety of different textures.

  • Make an impact in your hotel lobby with natural installations and tons of natural light

The lobby or reception area of your hotel can make or break that all-important first impression for guests – with a biophilic design scheme one of the best ways of instantly calming and making guests feel relaxed and at home.

Arguably one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by presenting them with a direct pool of natural light and lots of large potted plants in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. Some of the most common techniques include fountains, large windows, oversized potted plants, and a selection of different natural materials across the furnishings and features.

  • Visual connection to the world outside

Inside-outside living is nothing new in the world of interior design and has become a staple of modern living particularly during the warmer months. However, when it comes to biophilic design in a hotel or hospitality venue, visual connection to the world outside is one of the easiest ways to instil a natural appreciation in your guest experience.

This could be achieved through large glass windows and panel doors, and with different areas which open directly into your outside space.

  • Innovative greenery

The natural materials that you use throughout your hotel design don’t have to be anything special – what matters is how you use them and how you integrate them within your space. Moss, for example, makes for an ideal textured material which can be used in place of fabric or even coloured paint – breathing life into a wall hanging, a large installation, or even a focal piece of furniture.

Create your own biophilic hotel space

A biophilic hotel can make guests feel connected with nature, in such a way that creates and frames a relaxing experience built on health and wellness.

For more ideas on how to make this design concept work for you, get in touch directly with the Carroll Design team.

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