Creating the Perfect Outdoor Commercial Bar Space

A great hospitality business is one which not only meets the expectations of their customers but surpasses them – offering a memorable setting, excellent service, and the details which enhance both the look and experience that they receive during their visit.

When it comes to designing and creating a bar, specifically one which makes use of an outside space, location and setting are integral. Owing to the fact that a bar is straightforward in terms of its core offering, it is the attention to design detail and experience which makes the top businesses stand out.

And in this article, we’re going to share a few of the best ways to create an outdoor bar space that’s functional, memorable, and enticing for customers.

Why are outdoor commercial bars becoming more popular?

The rise in popularity of outdoor bars offers a unique benefit to businesses across the commercial hospitality industry, by enabling them to maximise the use of their premises and expand their services to include more varied spaces for guests and customers. Whether hired out as a separate space for private events, or offered as an alternative to the indoor setting, outdoor bars are versatile and facilitate a different experience for customers.

For consumers, an outdoor bar offers a different setting from the traditional inside space – often a more natural area which is particularly enjoyable during the summer months. But as with any space, inside or outside, the design and the way the space is used can make or break its success.

The importance of design style

Outdoor bar space

From the angular edges and clean lines of a modern design to the exposed surfaces of an industrial space, the natural influences of a rustic design, and the pops of colour that enhance a contemporary space, selecting the right style for your commercial bar can make a significant difference to the customer’s experience.

When designing an outdoor bar in particular, our number one tip is to build on the foundations of the space you’re using. A wild garden setting in the heart of the countryside lends itself to a rustic or naturally inspired commercial bar, boasting a local feel and relaxed atmosphere. Conversely, a patio or deck exterior space in the heart of the city is likely to attract more of a professional audience, and thus is best brought to life through modern design details and neutral colours.

This attention to design and the setting of your bar can transfer into every aspect of your business, from the drinks you serve to the furnishings that customers are invited to sit on and use.

Material details

This is where it becomes important to unite your overall vision with the foundations of the setting you are given. While most business premises offer a blank canvas that can be interpreted in any way you like, if you are making use of an outside space as part of the experience then you need to consider both setting and surroundings – taking care to offer a bar experience which compliments and suits the setting, rather than trying to juxtapose it with something entirely unrelated.

For example, natural materials and fairy lights are suitable for creating a soft aesthetic amid a relaxing countryside location, while an outdoor bar space in the city centre should tie into the more vibrant and busier vibe with addition of a DJ, brightly coloured lights, and vibrant decorative accessories.

Enhancing the customer experience

An outdoor space should be seen as a way of maximising the customer experience, offering an alternative location that compliments both the vibe of your commercial bar business, and the surroundings of your immediate location.

Ideally, your outdoor bar should embrace the very modern concept of inside-outside living from the interior design sphere – focussing on everything from access to the outside space, to the way the furnishings and details compliment the setting of your bar’s interior.

For businesses and commercial bars, opening up your outside space and transforming it into an additional bar setting can help you to reach a broader audience – maximising the floorspace available and adding another layer to the customer experience. Commercial bar interior design offers an opportunity to take your favourite elements of your location and your brand and combine them, delivering an experience which meets and surpasses your customers expectations.

With experience across both inside and outside spaces, our team are experts in transforming a blank canvas into an experience to delight customers old and new. Simply reach out to us directly to find out how we can help with your next commercial project.

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