The Impact of Minimalist Design on Modern Restaurant Spaces

A restaurant that markets itself as being modern tends to revolve around innovative dishes, unique flavours, and standout ways of presenting its food. But the rollout of modern interior design highlights the connection between modern spaces and minimalist design – bringing the idea of clean lines and simple spaces into the commercial hospitality sector as well as the interior design sector.

In this blog post, we’re looking at how to embody minimalism in modern restaurant interior design, and why this approach is appreciated by diners and restauranteurs alike.

What does minimalist design really mean?

Minimalist design marks a move away from unnecessary decorative and embodies the idea that everything is in a specific space for a reason. In a home environment, that means shelving units which boast concealed storage and clear surfaces, blank walls with few accessories adorning them, and only a selection of furnishings that are functional as well as stylish.

It also marks a change in the use of colour, stripping away bright colour schemes and patterns and instead embracing a much cleaner and more neutral aesthetic. Modern spaces are often characterised by monochromatic and neutral colours and are more likely to use texture to add visual and aesthetic detail than colour.

In essence, minimalist design means removing the elements and components of a space which do not contribute directly to its function and the way the space is used – minimising clutter and embracing the simple beauty of clear spaces and open areas.

How can a restaurant reflect modern minimalism?

Minimalist restaurant design

Armed with the information above, what does minimalist design look like in a restaurant? After all, while it’s all very well to try and maintain clean surfaces and simple spaces, the reality of a restaurant is that there is a lot of stuff to be placed on each table and to be stored on each surface.

Neutral or monochromatic colours

Perhaps the easiest way to bring minimalism into a restaurant is to move away from the bold coloured logos, the bright artwork on the walls, and the statement painted spaces – and instead take the colour scheme back to basics. A neutral colour scheme makes it possible to emphasise spaces through the use of light and texture as opposed to creating a statement with colour – not to mention, pale neutrals create a bright and inviting space that guests will want to spend time in.

You can still add atmosphere and create a mood with candles and the right level of lighting – keeping it neutral simply gives you more choice.

Simplified menus

Think about diner psychology when designing your menu, placing the dishes that you want to showcase in the centre right of the menu, and working down from there. And another top tip, be clear in your menu descriptions and let diners know what they are ordering. Complex and brand-specific words will only confuse them!

Clean lines and simple décor

Another approach to compliment and embody minimalist design, is to keep your lines straight, your space neat, and your décor simple. Table décor should use texture rather than lots of colours, and where possible your bar surface and other areas should stay as neat and clean as possible.

A streamlined POS system

Finally, what better way to embody minimalism in every part of your modern restaurant, than by streamlining your Point of Sale system to be really clear and easy to navigate. Having a single touchpoint where guests can pay by card, or using tablets to take orders and complete payments, makes the whole experience feel seamless to the diner – giving them a minimalistic experience as well as an environment to enjoy.

How to make modern minimalist design work in your restaurant

Minimalism may not work for every restaurant, and it may not be possible in every space and every corner of your restaurant floor. However, what it can do is enhance a modern menu and create the kind of pure and simple experience that guests want from a high end and modern restaurant.

For advice on how to make these different ideas and concepts work for you, get in touch with our team directly.

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