Creating a Luxury Hotel Bedroom at Home

Most of us know that there is no better place than the comfort of your own home, specifically your own bedroom. But if you happen to be away from home and find yourself coveting the comfort and style of a high end hotel bedroom, we’re here to tell you that there is a way to fuse the two together – combining the comfort and familiarity of your own personal space, with the style and luxury that comes from a hotel home from home.

In this article, we’re sharing our knowledge from the world of hotel interior design and how to integrate such advice into designing your own home.

But first, what is it about luxury hotel bedrooms that makes them such a coveted part of residential interior design?

The best bits of luxury hotel bedrooms

First thing’s first, one of the top reasons why hotel bedrooms feel so luxurious is because hotel interior designers spend a great deal of time working out the dimensions of each room and how best to fit in all the required furniture, maximising the amount of space available while ensuring every room has all the furniture it needs. Sometimes this even goes so far as ordering custom-made furniture to fit each hotel room.

Now, the chances are that as a homeowner, you haven’t spent the same amount of time measuring and weighing up sizing options for your own bedroom – instead buying furniture you love and then working it into the space as best as possible.

And this highlights one of the core differences between bedrooms at home and in hotels. In hotels, the bedroom feels like everything has been tailored to fit the space, creating the perfect balance and a layout which is both harmonious and functional. So, it follows that if you want to replicate that luxury feeling at home, you need to pay the same attention to layout and sizing as hotel designers do.

Tips for creating a luxury hotel bedroom in the comfort of your own home

Without further ado, here are some of the best ways of integrating some hotel interior design principles into your own home.

1. Select a colour scheme

Modern interior design has become more focussed than ever on neutral colour palettes and the use of textures as well as colours to construct a cohesive and stylish interior look. And if you look around a hotel bedroom, you will notice that this focus on colours and textures is very much a part of the design theme – with everything from the walls to the decorative accessories and bedding all carefully selected to compliment each other and create the most cohesive possible finish.

Hotel bedroom design at home

Below are some points to consider for your own home in terms of colour schemes and colour palettes:

  • Choose a neutral base colour and add accents from there
  • Consider a statement wall to match your accented colour
  • If you’re dressing and decorating a smaller bedroom, look at texture as an alternative to colour. For example, could a textured wallpaper be used to create a subtle statement wall?

2. Revisit your bedroom lighting

Lighting is often overlooked until the very end of an interior design project, with homeowners viewing their lighting as a decorative accessory rather than part of the overall project. However, the impact that lighting has on the mood and atmosphere of a room is huge, particularly in the bedroom where you use artificial light far more than natural daylight.

Rather than selecting bedside lamps as finishing touches, to mimic the soft and warm aesthetic of a hotel bedroom, look at how lighting can be integrated into the very fabric the room. Downlighting is often an effective way of softening the glare of a naked bulb while still optimising the flow of light throughout the room, or you can look into alternative hidden LEDs for subtle and soft finishes.

3. Use your headboard as part of the interior design

If there’s one thing you will notice about a hotel bedroom, it’s that almost every room has a large piece of statement art installed behind the bed – complimenting or even replacing the headboard. Making use of this large wall helps to create balance in the room and is an excellent way of breathing life into your chosen colour scheme.

You could either select a canvas in your chosen colours and with an abstract piece of art that you like or seek out your perfect decorative headboard to really add drama to your bed.

4. Don’t forget the senses

Finally, when it comes to finishing your bedroom and making it your very own luxury space, it’s important to focus on the senses.

Select a scent which reminds you of luxury and makes you feel relaxed and add candles or diffusers with the scent in your bedroom. Opt for the softest and highest quality fabrics and bedding you can afford and be sure to invest in thick curtains or blackout blinds to keep the room dark for optimum sleep.

All of these little details contribute towards the transformation of your bedroom from just another room in your home, to your very own slice of luxury. Using these tips, never again will you have to reserve luxurious experiences for hotel stays – instead benefitting from all the tricks of the trade in the comfort of your own home.

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