Hotel Lounge Furniture Considerations

Drafting and curating the interior design of a home or commercial venue is a process through which everything from colour schemes to materials, lighting solutions, accessories, and furnishings are carefully considered and selected to bring to life the perfect setting and environment.

When it comes to hotel interior design in particular, attention must be paid to the layout of the space and how to optimise the use of furniture in relation to the customer or guest experience – giving them easy and unobstructed access to everything they need.

In this blog post, we’re putting the spotlight on hotel lounge furniture in particular – sharing some insider tips on what a hotel lounge really needs to feel both comfortable and functional to guests from all walks of life. But first for a look at the role your hotel lounge plays in the overall guest experience.

The importance of your hotel lounge

Hotel interior design taps into the need for both private and communal spaces which feel comfortable and welcoming, but also functional and highly accessible. From supporting the service and experience that customers and paying guests expect, to facilitating the activities and services available in your hotel, every piece of furniture has a job to do – and the hotel lounge is no different.

The lounge needs to provide a space for guests to relax, to work, to meet others, to enjoy a drink or meal, and to pass the time while they wait to check in or out. As such, just some of the things you need to think about when designing a hotel lounge include the differentiation of different areas and spaces within the lounge, and the creation of a relaxing but welcoming vibe.

A great deal of this comes from the furnishings you select – and here’s some of the things you should consider when selecting furniture for your hotel lounge.

Things to consider when selecting hotel lounge furniture

Hotel lounge furniture

The Guest / Customer Journey

How are guests or customers going to use and move around the space? Answering this questions is key to establishing a floor plan – and it is this floor plan which should become your Bible when buying and selecting furniture.

Create a budget

It can be very easy to fall in love with a specific reception desk or a set of sofa chairs, and then realise that by the time you’ve brought enough to fill the space you will have used most of your budget.

When shopping for hotel lounge furnishings, your budget needs to coincide with the quantity of items you need in order to make the space feel welcoming, cosy, and fit for purpose. It’s no good having one or two extremely comfortable chairs that look great, if they only fill a small section of the room and can only be used by one person at a time.

Your hotel lounge requires a fine balance between having the right amount of furnishings for the space, and sticking to a budget.

Overall hotel vibe

Every hotel has a theme or an overarching vibe – it’s what frames your marketing and entices guests to book with you. Once you realise what your vibe is, or work to create it in your hotel, make sure that the furnishings in your hotel lounge support and compliment it.

The durability of furnishings

The lounge in a hotel is one of the areas that sees a high turnover of users, and an even higher footfall as people pass through day in, day out. As such, everything from the flooring type to the furnishings and accessories need to be durable, high in quality, and made from materials which are sturdy and offer a high lifespan.

Not only will this keep them looking better for longer, but it will save you money in the long run.

Focus on customer priorities

Safe, comfortable, and clean – these are all things your customers and guests will be looking for in the hotel lounge. As such, you should choose material and surfaces which are easy to clean and maintain, and which will continue to look good even after extensive use.

Function and style

Finally, remember that your hotel lounge needs to act as both a functional and a stylish space, with many adopting a “less is more” approach in order to hit the correct balance. When in doubt, tone down the use of colour in your lounge and instead choose furnishings and items which appeal to the masses – making the space feel busy and comfortable but without bordering on overwhelming and overly stimulating.

Our team at Carroll Design have extensive experience in hotel interior design, and can offer both advice and hands-on support as you bring your own hotel space to life.  

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