Key Elements of Good Bar Design

Whether you’re renovating an existing bar or bringing a whole new concept to life, great bar design encompasses experience as well as location, and finds unique and memorable ways to marry the theme of the bar with the menu, the design, the decoration, and the finite details such as music and lighting.

In this blog post, we share some tips on what makes a great bar design, starting with the foundation of a successful business – the location.

Selecting the right location for your bar

If you’re renovating an existing bar then this is an area that you will have already considered and factored into your business model – however, location means a lot more than just the building your bar is housed in.

When we talk about the location of a bar, we are also talking about the local community and the target audience of repeat customers who you will be hoping to engage and draw in on a regular basis. When it comes to selecting the right location and using your location in the most effective way possible, make sure that the theme of your bar complements its surroundings and sparks interest among the local community – ideally inviting them to experience something different and unique to the area.

The flow of the bar’s inside and outside space

Quality bar design

Creating a flow of movement through your bar, from the entrance through to the tables, the bar itself, the bathrooms, and the kitchen is what will ensure that your space is as functional as it is hospitable and stylish.

A good bar designer considers the journey of service staff and customers from every corner of the space, ensuring that there are no unnecessary obstacles and that the interior space feels logical according to usage and the overall experience.

If your bar has an outside space, be it a terrace or some tables outside on the street, this element of design should also focus on creating a cohesive aesthetic between and inside and outside of your bar for a truly immersive customer experience.

Set the tone of your bar

Earlier in this blog post we touched on the importance of location and how that automatically impacts the audience that you will draw in as local regulars. Beyond that most basic geographical factor, however, there likes the need to create a tone for your bar which further dictates its target audience – be it the younger audience with club vibes, or an older audience with more of a formal cocktail setting.

Design with your target customer in mind and make sure that every component of the bar’s design, from functional to aesthetic accessories and beyond, is selected for them.

Tap into the demand for experiences

Customers no longer just want a drink or a meal when they go out – they want to be transported from their everyday routine to something a little different, be it with experiential dining, an immersive theme, or an entirely new concept they haven’t tried before.

When it comes to good bar design, working unique design ideas and experiential elements into everything from the menu to the bathrooms can be a great way to maximise the conversation that customers will have long after they leave – hopefully recommending your bar to others.

And while you’re at it…

Design with photos in mind

Some of the most popular bars of the moment are those which invite guests to snap a photo with an unexpected feature or ornate example of design flair – with customers sharing those images on social media, ideally using a hashtag which allows them to all be linked back to your business profile.

Getting active on social media is often not considered a priority by local business owners, however there are more and more tools which enable businesses to tap into and market to their local audience and community, thus using social media as an extension of their existing marketing plan.

When it comes to good bar design, it’s important to focus on and consider the aesthetic value as well as the functionality of design – taking care to ensure that every component and feature within your bar space serves a purpose to either (or both) customers and your team.

Here at Carroll Design, we support businesses as they bring their ideas and designs to life, using past examples and lessons from previous clients to future proof and inspire new clients. For more information, get in touch with us directly.

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